{Boyer Cousin Fun}

My sisters both came for a visit this week!! I love having our family all together, and especially seeing all the cousins together!

We had a blast hiking up to the Payson Grotto. It's such a beautiful shaded trail, and some of the kids even braved the cold, cold water!

We also hit up the Provo Rec Center.
It's the best seeing these kids have so much fun together!

We were lucky enough that it was Krissy's birthday while she was here. I absolutely love this sister of mine! It was so fun to go out with the girls shopping. We stopped by the construction site of the new provo temple and enjoyed a cake Mom brought so we could eat it with no kids! That night Chad had Cafe Rio cater dinner to us and Krissy blew out the candles on her yummy Magleby's cake!

It was a great week and I'm so glad that my sisters made it out! Nothing beats the fun we have when all of us get together!

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