{A Very Merry Christmas}

We have had such a great holiday... with family gatherings, fancy dinners, a school program, my sisters visiting, and most of all Mike being on holiday break from school!
Ashton had a blast at the Wee Wolves Christmas Program with all his preschool buddies...

The Ferguson Clan had the cutest Christmas eve party. With the sweetest nativity....
Here's all the cousin's in their matching jamies (Thanks Grandma Sue!)
Jude and Haws... just the best of buds!
Our Christmas Eve...
We left cookies for Santa and of course had a pajama jam!

 I made the boys festive Christmas jammies :)

Christmas Day...
It was perfect! The kids slept in until 8:30 :) and we enjoyed the required glass of orange juice before running down stairs to open our gifts!
I loved having christmas be on a sunday... It made the day even that much more special!

Hope you had the happiest of holidays!!


{Jude turns 2} Puppy Dog Birthday Party!

We had such a great time celebrating Jude turning the big number 2! He loves puppies so we knew exactly what kind of party he wanted! We threw 2 parties for our little puppy... We had a dinner with the Boyers and a brunch with the Fergs. We kept it simple but still had a great time! I made puppy ears for all the little puppies in attendance, we played obedience school, and they each went home with a goody bag full of puppy chow and a tennis ball for fetch. Jude loved all the attention and blowing out his candle several times that day!

  Jude and the puppy that started it all!


October Fun!

What a fun Halloween we had! The boys and I carved/painted pumpkins, went on a school field trip to Pumpkin Land, partied with family, Trick or treated till we couldn't go anymore, and enjoyed the beautiful weather!
Ferguson Kiddos
chick and fishy
Thor {Ashton}
Chicken {Jude}
Hope you had a great festive October like we did!
Happy Halloween!


My little Jude!

My sweet boy went in for his second set of ear tubes and a adenoidectomy a couple of weeks ago. 

He was such a sweet boy waiting in the waiting room before surgery! {Besides the fact that he had to fast.... he would ask me for a dink aka drink every 2.7 seconds and then go ask Mike. Just not fair for a 22 month old.}

After surgery they brought this screaming boy into us. It was so hard to know what to do ... the doctors said he just hadn't come all the way out of the anesthesia yet and this was causing the disorientation and sadness. It was so hard to watch, at least the last time we went through this Jude was nine months old and I was able to nurse him to calm him down.

July 2010 Ear Tubes
After about 30 minuets he was drinking and relaxing with his favorite pal Pooh Bear! He had a great and speedy recovery. Which included lots of smoothies and popsicles :)

 Thanks to our families for all the support 
and a great Big brother that loves his bro!


Annual Cabin Trip

Every summer we look forward to going to Papa and Grandma Sue's Cabin for a weekend of a lot of family fun! Here is a peek at some of the good times we had, including fishing, campfires, and you better believe a lot of 4 wheel rides!

We had such a blast with all of our cousins and family!! Thanks for all the good times!