Happy Easter!

What a great weekend it was filled with easter egg hunts, family, the spirit, and good times! I'm so grateful for the atonement and to be surrounded by my amazing family!

Hope everyone had a great weekend like us!


Big update!

I'm sad that I always seem to get way behind on blogging :(  but being a mom of two has really changed my world especially now that my baby jude is a busy boy!

First update- I have a new neice! Ellie Darlene was born in February. She is such a doll

Brand New!

Meeting the little angel!

A more recent picture!

My best friend got married to the love of her life on Mach 12! It was so fun to have her up here for a full two weeks before the wedding! We had a blast staying up late, going to gown fittings, and doing all the other last minuet wedding plans! We threw her a bachelortte party at Sparks two nights before the wedding and what a fun crazy night that was. The wedding was incredible! Everything came together just perfect!

Arriving at Sparks! Ha ha!

It was a great night but most pics I don't want on my blog! Ha ha!

Wedding Day!

The Bridal Party!

Hansom Guys!

Lovely ladies!

The Glamorous Bride!

Next was St Patty's day! We had a fun dinner at my sister Kristins house!

The cute kiddo's!

 My beautiful Grandma Boyer Passed away in march
 When I went to visit her the Friday before she passed I wasn't sure what to expect, but she was still my beautiful grandma. I walked in and she was laying on the coach with Cindy, when she noticed I was there she sat up and opened her eyes and begin to tell me how gorgeous I looked. I could help the tears from swelling up in my eyes. I knelt by her side and explained I was all dressed up because I was on my way to the temple with my friend for her endowment. She asked me which Temple and when I said Provo she laid down and nodded beautiful. She always had a way of making me feel beautiful and special. I love you Grandma!!!! What an incredible life you lived!!!

Grandma with Ashton and Jude in 2010

My dad with his siblings

 Love you forever!

Fun Finds!

 Walking through a fun Antique store in downtown provo with my mom and holly we found some great finds!
I'm really hoping for the cute mini hutch for mothers day!!