{Preschool Grad}

2012 Timpanogas Wee Wolf 
Preschool Grad!

Hyrum and Ashton

Cater, Kenji, and Ashton

Ashton and Belle

What a fun year Ashton has had with all his buddies and his awesome teachers Miss Wendy and Miss Chelsea!

 I think i'm obsessed with that cute face!

{Nothing like being 5}

Look who's turned 5!

When Ashton was just a baby mike wanted to buy him a nerf gun {The guns I grew up with flying around the house, the guns that made me lock my self in bedrooms and bathrooms, crying and screaming for my mom or dad to make to boys stop shooting me}. I am terrified of these guns... so we made a deal that when he turned 5 Mike could buy him a nerf gun. Who new 5 years would fly buy and now my baby is old enough to have a nerf gun!

All he has talked about for the last 3 months is getting his nerf gun and having a cousins sleepover party. So that is just what his birthday was!

I can't get over that cute line up!

Happy Birthday to my boy!
We love our snuggle bug!


{24 Candles}

Happy 24th Birthday to my man!!

Seriously the best dad, the best husband, the best comidian, the best friend, the entertainer, the best lover ;), the best son, the best worker, the best comfortor, the best MAN!

You deserve it all!! Cheers to twenty four!
We Love You!


{Our Elder}

My younger brother Kevin got his mission call back in March!!

 To...... Little Rock Arkansa!!

It was such a fun night with all his friends and family there!

~"A Missionary leaves his family for two years, so that those he teaches may be with their families forever"~

He entered the Missionary Training Center on May 9th
What an emotional and amazing day it was!

We love our missionary, and feel all the amazing blessing that come from him serving the lord.
Miss you Elder Boyer!