{June} Summer Fun

We have been having a blast this month and checking a lot off our summer to do's!

Ashton had his 4 week tennis camp and He Loved It!! 

Jude started his gymnastics class and is totally rocking it!

Ashton passed his Level 4 swim lessons at the Rec

I found some time to go to the temple...
Most peaceful place on earth!

We are always trying to find an excuse to go out for ice cream, and the boys reading club at the library gave them coupons to Farr's. Yum!

I have the two best swimmers! And that is all that they ever want to do is swim, swim, swim!

We love being with Holly and her girls! We went to the Provo Rec to swim one day and then all met up at the food truck roundup after, where the girls danced with the band and we ate way too much! Then we ended the day at our house!

For our Activity Days Recognition Night we threw a little Luau at our house. The girls and their families loved it!

Harmony and Jaxon have been in town so of course we've been spending lots of time with them. He is such a smart handsome boy!

We love summer!


{Hot Dogs + S'mores}

Summer means Mikey is a little less busy, and we get to do more family adventures! And roasting s'mores and hot dogs is a favorite. As soon as I told the boys what our dinner plans were for the night they couldn't stop talking about it! We sure love having our own little fire pit to roast on!

  I'm pretty positive the boys would choose to do this every night if I let them... and maybe I would if it wasn't soooo hot!


{Temple Visit}

After our family night last week on temples, the boys have been wanting to go and visit a temple. So today after church we went to the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Even though the gates were closed you could still feel what a peaceful place it is on the outer grounds.

I'm hoping to get the boys a cute temple passport from Deseret Book that my sister in law told me about. And then start visiting all the temples in Utah.

I'm truly so grateful for the temple and the peace and beauty it brings into my life. I know that because of the sealing power in the temple that our family is forever. And forever sounds amazing with my 3 guys!


{Father's Day}

They say that •A Dad Is A Son's First Hero• and that couldn't be anymore true for these boys!!

Mikey woke up to the cutest homemade cards and yummy treats. The boys were so excited to celebrate their favorite guy! Happy, happy fathers day to my love!


{Visiting Our Pediatrician}

Ashton had his 7 year well check up at the doctor this week.
43 pounds |11%| and 45 inches |10%|

We missed Judes 4 year well check so we combined appointments.
29 pounds |.82%| and 38 inches |2%|

These growing boys are both great eaters (except no greens for Ashton) and love to exercise! I always find them outside riding their bikes and running around. We love having running races to see who can get the fastest lap around the outside of our house. They also love charting their height on our growth chart and watching themselves grow. Legos and Hero Factory are still their favorites, and Lego Chima is their go to show. I'm so grateful for these two boys and all the love and joy they bring into my life!

Sadly we have been to the pediatricians office a lot lately.
Jude has had a rough start to summer with allergic reactions to mosquito bites, a hangnail that got super infected with strep and he ended up losing the nail, and catching Hand Foot and Mouth Disease...

Plus getting all his cavities filled! Sadly Jude got my gene of a tiny mouth, which causes major crowding and makes you highly prone to cavities.
Because of his age and the amount of work the Dentist had to do, he was put under at the surgery center. Jude was really nervous! I think because of all the doctor appointments and previous surgery center stays from when he was young, it just makes anything medical that much harder for him.
I was lucky that Mikey was able to take him since I was awfully sick. It is so hard watching him come out to the anesthesia. He does the most sad cry/scream for a good 10 minutes until he is fully awake.
He came home and just laid low all day. His cute Aunt Holly brought him a basket full of goodies {football, drink, bubbles} which just made his day!

Hoping the rest of the summer is better for my sweet jujubees!


{Brave Ashton}

Ashton had to get a few cavities filled today.

We both really like our dentist office! Ash thinks it's awesome that they let the kids choose a show on netflix to watch every time they come in.

I'm always so impressed with how confident and brave Ashton is with new things (except food). He had a great dental assistant that explained each step to him. Which helped a lot. He said that the laughing gas made him feel weird and sad, but he did love getting a smoothie for dinner!