Dancing Queens!

Dance is really busy right now the girls have had a lot of opportunities to perform the last couple of weeks.... plus its competition season!

Timpview High School Performance:

(Practicing in the hall before the show)

(Dressing room pics)

Our First Competition at UVSC:

We took Company and Pee Wee girls to this competition and they rocked the house! I'm so proud of all the girls and how amazing they did! Company brought home 3 high scoring 1st place and one high scoring 2nd!

My trio "Walkin' on Sunshine" Won Queen!!

1st and 2nd place were also trio's from our studio!

Trio girls- Kayley, Rachel, Keslie

I loved working with these girls they're AMAZING!

Waiting for awards to start!

I am so lucky to have such a fun and talented group of girls that I get to teach! Our next competition is this weekend in St George.... Good Luck!


Grandpa Ferguson's Birthday was at the end of March!
Ashton Loves playing with his Papa!
Happy Birthday we love you!

My little brother Brett's Birthday was on April 8th!
He had his family birthday party at Cabelas...
We had fun looking at all the different kind of fish...
Playing at the arcade....
And Ash loved his BALLOON!
Happy Birthday Brett!
My big brother DAVE's birthday was on April 14th!(sorry about the old pictue)
Happy Birthday!


Easter Weekend!

Saturday we went to my parents for a BBQ, a easter egg hunt, and easter baskets! Every year my Dad hides our easter baskets out in the backyard, and it is never an easy task to find them. It was Mikey's first year and needless to say he was the last one to find his basket!! Here are a few photos of the night:

Chelsea showing off her collection of eggs

Brett was the 1st one to find his basket!
Dad at the BBQ... he is an amazing cook!

Sunday I really wanted to walk to church but with a 9 am sacrament meeting we ended up driving :( after church we headed over to the Ferguson's for easter dinner, an easter egg hunt, and even a treasure hunt!

Cousin Tate, Ryder, Ellie, and Ashton

Searching for our eggs

Finding the Treasure!

Then we were off to the Boyer's for desert with my family and the Fishbacks!

Me and Kristin
(we had no idea we were going to have matching easter outfits!)

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

Aunt Megan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday to Aunt Meg!
It was a blast to have Megan visiting from AZ over the weekend!
Happy birthday and we can't wait to see you again soon!
La you!


We got the Giggles!

Daddy can make us all laugh!


Bath Time Fun!

Gotta love the chubby babies!

Ashton Loves to play in the bath!!

Baby Brianna Fishback

My sister Kristin had her baby on March 6th at 11:03 am weighing in at 7 lbs. 9 oz and 20 inches tall. She is so cute and we are all so happy she is finally here!


Baby Ashton Update

Ashton went in for his 9 month well baby check up last week, and I'm happy to say that he is starting to gain back some of the lost weight from when he was sick. In January he was hit hard with RSV not able to sleep, breath good or even just be the happy baby he always has been. It's been a hard 2 months but Ashton is finally starting to feel better. The doctor said he can still hear it in his lungs and his throat is still a little red but he is on his way up. He is in the 75th percentile for weight and height! And the word sleep has finally come back into our home (yay i get to blog again!)


Bad News!

Today is valentines and I don't get to take any pictures! Not of the beautiful flowers my husband bought me, not of Ashton's first valentines, NOT OF ANYTHING! Last week while trying to document my messy son eating pees for lunch I managed to break our camera. I dropped it with the lens open!!!! The lens won't open all the way or close all the way now and I am camera less until further notice :(



I'm putting this up for all of you out there who think Ashton is 100% Mikey. Yay according to this he does have some things like me!


Snow, Snow, Snow

Mikey got home a little early today from work and decided it was time to take care of all the snow. He got out the 4 wheeler and plowed the whole parking lot. Ashton and I were able to hangout inside and stay warm. Ash loved watching dad hard at work, every time I tried to move him he would just start crying. Thanks Dad for all your hard work... I'm sure the neighbors are grateful too!


Brand New!

After a lot of consideration and debating with my husband, our family finally has a blog! We hope you enjoy!