{Ashton turns 4} Peter Pan Birthday Party!

My little Peter Pan turned four! This party is all he has talked about for the last 8 months! He was so excited to see all his buddies arrive as Indians, Pirates, Lost Boys, and Fairies.
He made up quite the menu for lunch and we all enjoyed Pizza, Green Jello, all his favorite fruit, and a great Pirate drink!
What a fun afternoon it was celebrating Ashton turning the big number 4!!


Playing Pirate Cannon ball toss:

At the Indian camp playing Peter, Peter, Pan! {basically duck, duck, gooses}
  Everyone learned to shoot a bow just like an Indian!

Pirate Tate and Indian Ryder playin' around!

Getting ready for the big treasure hunt!

Running to find all the good loot!

Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us!


It's Birthday Time Again!

It seems like all I will do this month is post about birthdays!  With Ashton and Mikes coming up next week and my sister in-law Skylar, Baby Haws, and my mom's this week!! So Happy Birthday to All my May Birthdays!

Today is my Mom's actual Birthday!! What a incredible lady she is! She is absolutely the best. She is extremely talented, I swear everything she touches turns into perfection. She is the most loving and giving person I know, she can turn anything and everything into a song! She loves her family, the lord, and the gospel. She has been through so much in her life and has always had an amazing testimony. No one can compare to my mom! I love you lots and lots! Happy Birthday!


Kansas for a Weekend

My sister has almost been married for 10 years and most of those years she has lived out of Utah. Mike, the kids, and me have never made a trip out to see them, so I have been feeling like a visit was WAY over due. My nephew Steven was being baptized this past weekend so we packed up and made the big trek out to Kansas!

 Driving 13+ hours wasn't really as bad as I had made it seem it would be! We got Ashton a new booster and Jude was able to sit in a big boy car seat. We left at 3:30 am hoping that the kids would sleep in the car helping the trip seem shorter for them. This defiantly was a plus! The boys slept until 9:00 and I may have gotten a couple of hours of sleep myself  :) The rest of the drive do I dare say seemed to be enjoyable.

  My little brother Kevin is working and living out in Kansas with my sister for the summer so we dove his car out for him, and we did have to pull over for some miner repairs...

 Steven was so sweet and excited for his Baptism day! And what a special day it was. So happy we could be there to celebrate with him!

 The boys had so much fun playing with cousins, roasting marshmallow on the fire, and playing outside in the summer weather we don't have in Utah yet!

Miss all of you in Kansas already! Thanks for all the good times!