{Enterprise trip 2014}

I convinced this cute sister of mine that we should leave the husbands behind and go to the Hunt Family Reunion with the kids!

We had such a great time playing horse shoes, getting in water fights, riding 4 wheelers and horses, playing games in the field out back, finding ancestor's names at the cemetery, going to the Enterprise Rodeo, sleeping under the stars (and not in moms trailer), and enjoy all our family!

I loved seeing all the kids and adults light up around these beautiful animals!! {I mean look at Ashtons cute face, He was in heaven!}

When it came to making homemade ice cream, Jude was the best helper!

You've never really been to a rodeo until you've gone to the Enterprise Rodeo. Especially with these three!

 I loved this weekend and I love showing my boys a little bit of country living every year!


{July} Summer Fun

I am loving summer and all the time I get to hang with my boys!! Here is some of the fun we're having...

The other day we rode bikes to Grandma and Papa's house and had a squirt bottle water fight! the boys loved drying up on the warm concrete!

Ashton went to his bff''s birthday party at Hang Time! And of course had a blast! I just love these two cuties together!

Bobbie threw the cutest little Luau for Kenny's and Tate's birthdays in our yard! The kids loved the slip and slides and Grandma's yummy pina colada! 

We love going swimming! We're always switching it up and going to different pools, depending on what the boys want to do. We decided to try out the Spanish Fork Reservoir this month and not sure if we'll be back... I mean the boys loved it, but the type of people and the awful sand won't be begging for me to come back.

I love finding coupons to go out to eat. There's something about the excitement of not cooking and  getting out of the house for dinner that I love! 

The boys have been so cute and creative with their sidewalk chalk this year! I love that it gets us outside and creating!

Oh sweet summer... I just never want you to end!


{Chelsea Turns 11}

Today we celebrated Chelsea turning ELEVEN!! She is one of my best friends and I couldn't imagine doing my nails or talking on the phone daily with anyone else. Chelsea girl I love you and wish today and everyday that the world will recognize your incredible gifts you have to share. You are one in a million and I love being your sister!! H A P P Y • B I R T H D A Y!!

Me and Mom started brainstorming party themes with her for her birthday, but she was so cute and knew exactly what she wanted to do. Go to Bajio for dinner and then bowling! And thats just what we did! Riverwoods made for such a fun night. They are the only Bajio location left and bowling at Provo Beach Resort was a blast!

It was late after bowling so we enjoyed her cake and presents on a grassy area.... until the sprinklers turned on!! lol! Then moved Chels right into the back of Dave's cadillac to blow out candles!

Happy 11th Birthday Baby Sister! We all love you! xoxo


{Grandma Sue Camp}

Dropped my cuties off to Grandma Camp. They were counting down the seconds and couldn't wait to party with their 6 favorites!

Thanks for making sure this happens each year Gram! These are the memories they will never forget!


{Cabin Trip 2014}

These kids know exactly what goes on at the cabin...
1st on the agenda is get out the four-wheelers and ride circles around the property!


Then we head out to our favorite fishing spot, Mirror Lake!

If you have to go fishing, then you better go to the most beautiful location... It is so incredibly pretty here!

We added the Mammoth Caves to the list of fun this year!

Jude was ready to get out by the end. So as soon as he finally saw the light at the end he left us in the dark and darted to find his way out!

All the kids were so brave!

Jumping on the tramp keeps these kids busy all weekend long! I love all our silly made up games we play!

 Grandma Sue always has a cute craft for the kids, sends them on a bug hunt, has supplies for a garden fairy, and of course the Grand Treasure Hunt...

It was seriously the most beautiful, fun week with the best fam a gal could possibly marry into!
Oh I just love these kiddos!!