Today I'm celebrating another year of love and lessons learned!
Here's to 26 being even more dreamy than 25!!

This the the picture i posted {on insta} today ...

...  cause this is really how I look ...

It my birthday and i'm totally sick... I'm not supposed to be sick or neither is my family!! I'm kinda bugged if you can't tell.
 But I do have an amazing husband who still had a happy birthday sign hanging up when I woke up and a present waiting for me.... Soooo excited about my new gel nail kit!! I tried Megan's when I was there and I'm obsessed!
I also have the best sister who brought us dinner and a mini birthday cake for me! I'm so lucky that even though I was totally feeling awful, I have amazing people around me who love me and tried to make my day special! 
Now time to get better so I can really Party!!


{Arizona in January}

My nephew Ty was getting baptized this weekend along with his baby brother Bennett getting his baby blessing so we made a road trip down to Arizona! We left early so we could spend a few days with one of our favorites, Aunt Megan...

We left about 6 pm on wed and got to Phoenix about 3:30 am... It is the best way to do a long drive with kids, the boys had activities to do in the car and then at 8:30 we put it all away and said it was bed time and it totally worked!
They slept the whole way!

The next couple of days Meg treated us to some fun around Phoenix!
This train park was such a hit... We loved it!

The next morning after Uncle Erik had fallen in their {not heated} pool, the boys decided they wanted to put their feet in and see just how cold it was... 42 degrees! Jude didn't last long... but Ashton kept on telling us he was going to jump in {in his teasing voice}. But sure enough the second time he went running toward the pool he really did Jump!! The poor thing was froze the core!

Friday night Meg was flying out so we said our goodbyes and headed to gilbert for the celebrations...
These are the pics the boys sent Meg when they were missing her!

For the next two days we swam and swam and swam! The kids were loving every minute!

I was horrible at documenting all the cute details of the weekend, but I did get some pictures of the Gilbert Temple open house we were able to attend Saturday night after Ty's baptism.

I'm so thankful we were able to go and be with our family the we miss so much!! It was such a perfect weekend and I'm already trying to plan another trip!



Mikey planned a trip for us to ride front-runner up to the gateway to see Born to be Wild on the imax at the Clark Planetarium... It was such and great time and Kenny and his boys even got to come along!