Dancing Queens!

Dance is really busy right now the girls have had a lot of opportunities to perform the last couple of weeks.... plus its competition season!

Timpview High School Performance:

(Practicing in the hall before the show)

(Dressing room pics)

Our First Competition at UVSC:

We took Company and Pee Wee girls to this competition and they rocked the house! I'm so proud of all the girls and how amazing they did! Company brought home 3 high scoring 1st place and one high scoring 2nd!

My trio "Walkin' on Sunshine" Won Queen!!

1st and 2nd place were also trio's from our studio!

Trio girls- Kayley, Rachel, Keslie

I loved working with these girls they're AMAZING!

Waiting for awards to start!

I am so lucky to have such a fun and talented group of girls that I get to teach! Our next competition is this weekend in St George.... Good Luck!


Grandpa Ferguson's Birthday was at the end of March!
Ashton Loves playing with his Papa!
Happy Birthday we love you!

My little brother Brett's Birthday was on April 8th!
He had his family birthday party at Cabelas...
We had fun looking at all the different kind of fish...
Playing at the arcade....
And Ash loved his BALLOON!
Happy Birthday Brett!
My big brother DAVE's birthday was on April 14th!(sorry about the old pictue)
Happy Birthday!