{Christmas 2012}

We spent Christmas Eve with the Ferguson's. The grandkids put on the nativity and got matching jammies from Grandma.

Later Christmas day we went to my parents and got to talk to our missionary!

 My Dad got us all matching indian slippers! We love them!

And of course put on another nativity!

Wishing everyone's Christmas was as special and merry as ours!


{Trolley Christmas Ride}

My Parents took us all on the Thanksgiving Point Trolley Ride to see all the christmas lights. It was such a fun thing and hope to do it again!


{Holiday Fun}

Sharing Random fun holiday things we're up to...

We love our family tradition with our Ferguson cousins... Trees and breakfast for dinner!

My parents had the missionaries for dinner and invited us to join in. The missionaries requested breakfast for dinner! 

Fun cold nights with Grandma Sue and Pap Sue

Decorating our home :) We need more snow!

Mazda Work party, love my hot date!

Funnest thing happened to us! We went out to dinner to Los Hermanos in Lindon and look who was there.. Santa!! The boys couldn't help but peek over our booth and watch him eat. As we were walking out he told the boys that they had been so good this year and they better keep it up. And he couldn't believe how big Mikey had got, and what in the world was he growing on his face!! Such a fun experience! 

A tree lot by us has the Tow Matter truck on its lot! It was raise money for a sweet boy who was sick, so we stopped by for pictures and to donate!


{Jude Turns 3} Fireman Birthday Party!

Jude couldn't wait for his birthday, because it meant that we were going to see the Firemen!

We visited a local fire station and got the FULL tour! We were there for almost 2 hours! The fire chief was darling with Jude and his cousins...

All the kids got to try on firemen outfits and received a fireman hat!

We got to go up stairs to the Firemen's kitchen/lounge to watch a short movie about fire safety.

Everyone got a turn to check out the driver seat in the big red fire truck!

Huge thank you to our local fire station #3 on making our birthday boy feel like a real fireman!
  Later that evening the Ferguson's all went to Firehouse Subs for dinner and enjoyed opening presents at Grandma and Papa Sue's

The next morning we celebrated with the Boyers at Papa Nana B's. We had a big Crepe breakfast and later that day went bowling!


Happiest 3rd Birthday to my little Fireman! We all love you so much and feel so lucky you are ours! XoXo