{Chelsea's Talent Show}

This cute sister of mine was asked to perform in her school's end of year talent show! She wanted to do her Surfin USA dance and totally rocked it! With that cute smile and stellar moves she was the star of the show and the best performer!


{Lemonade Stand}

Ashton was so thrilled to put on his first lemonade stand! He bought all the supplies and couldn't wait to see how much money he and Jude would make!

We did it from 12-2:30 and they brought in almost $40 from sales of balloons and lemonade (one awesome driver by gave them a $10 tip)! It was so cute to watch them both be so excited about their stand and work hard at it in the hot sun! Good job you two!


{Endless Summer}

We're so ready to get our summer on! We're planning a summer to do list and excited to jump right on it!

 ... and you better believe outdoor movie nights is high up on that list!

We took the boys to the dentist this morning, and it was more like a fun trip to the carnival with all the prizes they brought home! They both were so brave (I knew Ashton would be) and there were no tears!!



{Jude's} Preschool Graduation

First year of preschool... check! This sweet boy is so proud to be a graduate! During the program all the little girls said they wanted to be Queen Elsa, all the little boys wanted to be Dads and Jude stands up and loudly says he wants to be a •Hospital• when he grows up!! Lol! Dream big little one, dream big!

{When we got home he explained he forgot and really wants to be a dentist...}


{Ashton's} Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation for my sweet boy today!! The program was darling and we were proud parents when he said he wants to be a ||scientist|| when he grows up! 


{Mikey turns 26!}

Woohoo!! Happy 26th birthday to the love of my life!


{Ashton turns 7} Outdoor Movie Night Birthday!

Every year my sweet Ashton amazes me with his birthday party themes! This year when he was throwing around ideas and came up with watching a movie outside he knew that was the perfect idea.

I started working on a invite and used One Charming Party's cute circus invite as my outline and designed it to look like a movie ticket and a fun birthday invite...

He also wanted me to include movie tickets for the guest to bring to the show to get in. I loved how the invitation turned out all put together.

Ashton was so excited it was finally his birthday and all his best buds were coming to his movie party! He wanted to help in every detail of set up and and make sure everything was in the perfect spot.

So glad my Dad and husband are so techy or this party wouldn't of happened. Our screen is made out of a used vinyl billboard I bought on ksl and cut down to 15ft by 8.5ft. We put grommets in it and used bungee balls to make it nice and tight. Our frame is made out of aluminum pipe and PVC for the legs. 

We made these cute ticket boxes for each of our concessions....
We served Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Salad & Veggi cups, and of course Popcorn, Candy, and Drinks 

Ashton is always thinking ahead of what his guests will like and he didn't want all the cupcakes the same so that everyone would find one that they loved!

When his movie guests arrived he was the cutest greeter and took their movie tickets and gave them each their movie baggie. Each kid got a 50 tickets, a glow stick, silly glasses, and a ring pop 

Each of our moviegoers had their red carpet pictures taken in our photo booth... it was so silly and fun! 

Everyone got to spend their tickets at our concessions and eat on the lawn. 

Ashton loved blowing out his candle and opening presents!

As soon as it got dark enough outside the kids opened their glow sticks and we started our show!

It was such a fun party celebrating my big 7 year old! He was such a cute party planner and woke up the next morning asking if we could do his party again that night!! I love my sweet snuggle bug and feel like the luckiest mom in the world! Happy, Happy Birthday!!