{An Unexpected Call}

Let me start out by going back two years ago...
We were watching Extreme Home Makeover, and it was about this darling little 7 yr old boy Jonah Gomez. He was fighting leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. No one in his family was a match and they had searched the world wide bone marrow registry with no match found. This really hit home for us. My cousin at 14 yrs old was fighting leukemia, and Mikey's grandma had leukemia. Jonah lives in Utah and we both just felt this undeniable need to get on the registry. That night we got online and went to deletebloodcancer.org and ordered out swab kit. Just a few weeks later it came in the mail and we swabbed our cheeks and sent our DNA on its way. 

Now two years later after we had almost completely forgot about being on the registry, Mikey received a phone call, a package delivered at our house, and an e-mail from DKMS all in the matter of hours. Telling us that there is someone that Mikey is a potential match for!!  They need some blood samples to really make sure that Mikey is the match they want, and will be the best match for the patient. They also sent him lots of medical history questions they need him to fill out, to make sure the donation will be safe for him and the patient.
This is not what we were thinking would be on our fall agenda, but if Mikey is the perfect match the transplant will need to take place in the next 2-3 months. We both are just amazed that this has come up. Really not the best timing with Mikey in one of his hardest semesters at school, and we're just trying to stay afloat financially. We are both excited, nervous, and feel very strongly that we should move forward with testing.

You can visit DKMS Americas or Be the Match to order your own swab kit and get on the registry!

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