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The next step in becoming the bone marrow donor was to have blood work done.
Mikey went to UVRMC to get his blood work done and sent off for testing. Mikey is terrified of needles! So this was not easy to accept that he had to get his blood drawn. I've tried to sign us up to give blood at our local blood drives and sneakily get him to donate, but it backfired on me and he said it terrified him to think that I would get poked... so neither of us ended up donating. But today he was so brave!! They took like 7 vials and said they would send it back to DKMS for testing. There was a little confusion when we first got to the hospital, they said that they hadn't ever had a bone marrow donor before. So it took them a while to figure out what they were supposed to be doing. (It shows how rare it is to be a match!) The nurse was really sweet, she said her husband and her both have been on the registry for 8+ years with no call and was kinda jealous of Mikey!

Today we got a call back for DKMS saying that the Doctor received the results from the blood work and that Mikey is the best match to the patient and an almost perfect match. They would like to move forward with him as the donor!! Wow! I'm still getting chills as I write this. The registry is a worldwide database. You can save someones life in any part of the world. This amazes me! The next step is to have a one hour phone call with our DKMS coordinator to get all the info and commit to donation. Obviously you can choose at any time not to donate, but once the patient is so far into treatment there is no turning back for them and they will die without your donation. So they ask that you really think about your decision before moving forward.

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