{Donation Physical}

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Mikey flew out yesterday to California for the Bone marrow/PBSC donation physical. I guess the doctor who is over the donation has to pass Mikey's health off and make sure he is good to go. Since the donation can't take place in Utah, out to Cali he went! DKMS will take care of all the expenses related to the trip. They just don't pay for a companion to go with him, which was sad for me. He has been so good at keeping me updated and sending lots of pictures my way though!

When he landed at the airport he had a car service waiting for him... A guy in a suit holding a "Ferguson" sign and the whole shebang! He drove a nice blacked out Lincoln, which was really cool!
The driver took him straight to the hotel where Mikey was able to check in, eat, and stay the night.

The beautiful pool at the hotel!

The next morning he needed to be at the hospital at 8 am. The hotel offered a golf cart to take him the few blocks to the hospital.

The physical went well. He said everyone took really good care of him and made sure he was in and out fast. He had a nurse assigned to him to help him get everywhere and answer all his and my questions. He had an EKG, chest x-rays, Dr exam, and blood work done. 

The car service was scheduled to pick him up later that afternoon. Mikey was able to chill at the hospital and use their internet to work on homework until he met the chauffeur at the hotel. 

We missed having him around, I know it was only one night and we got to skype him, but we're so happy he will be back home with us soon!

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