{Monday thoughts}

Yesterday we took a beautiful Sunday drive around the alpine loop. It was so fun to be in the mountains we love, and have silly conversations with our boys. 

Update on our car... we decided to save ourselves some money and take out the broken windshield ourselves before the roof repairs are made. This was a lot of work (I thought), from breaking 2 tools to cleaning up all that glass!

Mikey driving Ronda to Carlos's Shop for a roof job... glad he has those safety glasses on!

Meet my pretty rental I get for the week...

I've always had a thing for Jeep and Mikey has not, so when Enterprise rented us a Jeep Patriot he said it would prove that they are junk... we'll see, I'm kinda in love with it right now!

Oh and as a reminder to my self  NEVER BUY A WHITE CAR. This is at preschool pick up and everyone drives one! Lol! It just makes me love my Black Jeep even more!

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