Bad News!

Today is valentines and I don't get to take any pictures! Not of the beautiful flowers my husband bought me, not of Ashton's first valentines, NOT OF ANYTHING! Last week while trying to document my messy son eating pees for lunch I managed to break our camera. I dropped it with the lens open!!!! The lens won't open all the way or close all the way now and I am camera less until further notice :(



I'm putting this up for all of you out there who think Ashton is 100% Mikey. Yay according to this he does have some things like me!


Snow, Snow, Snow

Mikey got home a little early today from work and decided it was time to take care of all the snow. He got out the 4 wheeler and plowed the whole parking lot. Ashton and I were able to hangout inside and stay warm. Ash loved watching dad hard at work, every time I tried to move him he would just start crying. Thanks Dad for all your hard work... I'm sure the neighbors are grateful too!


Brand New!

After a lot of consideration and debating with my husband, our family finally has a blog! We hope you enjoy!