Bad News!

Today is valentines and I don't get to take any pictures! Not of the beautiful flowers my husband bought me, not of Ashton's first valentines, NOT OF ANYTHING! Last week while trying to document my messy son eating pees for lunch I managed to break our camera. I dropped it with the lens open!!!! The lens won't open all the way or close all the way now and I am camera less until further notice :(

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    It's Bree. I love and miss you- sounds random, but I really think about you a lot, and I was so happy to see that you had stopped by my blog!

    A few comments for your blog- I also dropped our camera (and it looks just like the one you pictured here!) so i am using our old piece of junk camera that takes the worlds crappiest pictures!

    I love that I came to your blog and "Highway" was playing!

    Your baby is darling. I am so glad that you are past the RSV. Luke hasn't ever had it- but I've heard other's horror stories. That must have been very hard. However, you are lucky that he's such a chub! Luke was always in the 4% percentile for weight(!) I know- my "mother's milk" was actually "mother's water". At 8 months we switched him to formula and he gained about 4 pounds in a month!

    I just wanted to say that I really admire how you've made such a life for Mike, Ashton and yourself. I am so happy that the three of you have made a wonderful situation in becoming a beautiful, strong family together. Good luck and Peace!