{Let the Shopping Begin}

My partner in crime!
I Loved our all night black friday shopping trip this year! We went to the outlets and shopped, shopped, shopped, ate at johnny rockets, and ran into my silly cousin Seth and his wife (who played some pretty good tricks on us)

Good times with this girly!


{Happy Thanksgiving}

I'm so grateful for this lovely day to spend with family!! I'm grateful for my loving husband, my sweet boys, my family (who is all spread out this year), my awesome in laws, the silly cousins, and a day to spend with all of them and reflect on our blessings! I'm grateful for the knowledge of the gospel in my life and the knowledge that I'm a daughter of god who truly loves me. We have been immensely blessed this year by a loving heavenly father who has bestowed countless blessings on us. At times this year it seemed like there was no possible way that something should work out, and by the loving hand of our father in heaven it has, everything has been okay. I know that he knows how and when we need help and that he is always there waiting for us to ask so that he can help us. 

After the festivities were done Ashton beat Mikey in a game of Chess!

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of love, family, and gratitude!


{School Fun in November}

It's almost Thanksgiving!! Jude had the most darling little program today at preschool. During the program each child got the chance to come up to mic and say what they are grateful for... Jude was watching very carefully until it was his turn. He jumped out of his chair walked up to the mic and before he was all the way to the mic he sarted to say what he was grateful for... "I'm grateful for my brother!" It was so sweet and Ashton felt to proud!

Also, this week at Ashton's school they had character day. The scholars got to choose their favorite characters from a book and dress up as them.
Ashton didn't know what he wanted to dress up as,
so I sent him to his room to look through his basket of books and he started listing some of his favorite characters... 
The Red Dragon 
in "One Drowsy Dragon"
Grover in
"The Monster at the end of this Book"
Friend Bear in
"Care Bears Ben's New Buddy"
Max in 
"Mom Says I Can"
... But then he found the ONE! 
Peter Pan!! 
My little bug has loved all things Peter Pan since he was 3, so this seemed perfect! He was Peter for halloween when he was 3 so he already had
the costume to look the part!


{All about Jude!}

Jude woke up this morning asking "Am I still the birthday boy Mom?!"
and I got to reply, "Yes, at least at school you will be!" 

Today they celebrated jude's birthday at preschool!

 He got to bring a poster all about him and the 
healthy snack (he chose applesauce)!
I love this because it lets me go through my pictures 
and reminisce/remember how sweet and silly my boys are. 
I'm truly blessed with the sweetest boys who fill my
days with giggles, legos and star wars!

Here are the cute pictures that went on his birthday Poster!

Baby Jude...

Playing all things dress-up...

Working hard with Dad and Brett...

Some of his favorite activities...

Our family...

We love our Dodo, and have loved celebrating him!!


{Classic Fun Party!}

Jude loves all the fun new activities at classic fun center. So since his birthday is in November and it makes it harder for us to host a party at our house or be outside, he decided he wanted to go jump with all his cousins!

We had pizza, and cupcakes and ice cream.
And the kids got to jump, climb, skate, and play the arcades!

Jude got to collect as many tickets as he could in the ticket cube, and got to spin the wheel to win a prize!

Jude is so lucky to have such a great group of cousins (plus Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Brett not pictured) who made his birthday the best! Thanks to all who helped us celebrate and made Jude feel extra loved on his special day!


{Jude is Four!}

Today my jude turned 4!!
He woke up to his room full of orange balloons, and had waffles with four candles in it for breakfast. Then we rushed off to our 9 am church where they sang to him in primary and got a treat from the bishop. When we came back home Jude knew exactly what he wanted to do next... open presents!!

Ashton gave him a Chima Lego speedor, 
and we gave him a buzz lightyear scooter!
Next he want to swing and be outside... 
which was great, because I needed to start baking his cake!

Then we headed over Grandma and Papa Boyers
for a yummy taco dinner and party!
(Thanks for all your hard work Mom and Dad!!)

He was so cute open his presents! He didn't really understand the "wish" someone something, but Ashton had no problem helping him out.

This big four year old wanted a blue cake and the big center piece!
We love birthdays and we love the joy jude brings to our family!!
Happy, Happy Birthday!!


{18 months}

To my brother Elder Boyer! Who is serving a mission for our church in Arkansa!!

To celebrate this milestone, me and Brit of course had to go to lunch at Sonic!

So happy for him and all the amazing things he is doing back east! I know he is loving it and serving the lord is where he is suppose to be,  but we are sure excited to see him in 6 months!