{All about Jude!}

Jude woke up this morning asking "Am I still the birthday boy Mom?!"
and I got to reply, "Yes, at least at school you will be!" 

Today they celebrated jude's birthday at preschool!

 He got to bring a poster all about him and the 
healthy snack (he chose applesauce)!
I love this because it lets me go through my pictures 
and reminisce/remember how sweet and silly my boys are. 
I'm truly blessed with the sweetest boys who fill my
days with giggles, legos and star wars!

Here are the cute pictures that went on his birthday Poster!

Baby Jude...

Playing all things dress-up...

Working hard with Dad and Brett...

Some of his favorite activities...

Our family...

We love our Dodo, and have loved celebrating him!!

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  1. I LOVE all of these pictures! Thanks for posting! Oh, and the picture of Jude with the nerf gun (I think that's what it was)...he is making a face just like you Ambs!