{Happy Thanksgiving}

I'm so grateful for this lovely day to spend with family!! I'm grateful for my loving husband, my sweet boys, my family (who is all spread out this year), my awesome in laws, the silly cousins, and a day to spend with all of them and reflect on our blessings! I'm grateful for the knowledge of the gospel in my life and the knowledge that I'm a daughter of god who truly loves me. We have been immensely blessed this year by a loving heavenly father who has bestowed countless blessings on us. At times this year it seemed like there was no possible way that something should work out, and by the loving hand of our father in heaven it has, everything has been okay. I know that he knows how and when we need help and that he is always there waiting for us to ask so that he can help us. 

After the festivities were done Ashton beat Mikey in a game of Chess!

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of love, family, and gratitude!

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