Today I'm celebrating another year of love and lessons learned!
Here's to 26 being even more dreamy than 25!!

This the the picture i posted {on insta} today ...

...  cause this is really how I look ...

It my birthday and i'm totally sick... I'm not supposed to be sick or neither is my family!! I'm kinda bugged if you can't tell.
 But I do have an amazing husband who still had a happy birthday sign hanging up when I woke up and a present waiting for me.... Soooo excited about my new gel nail kit!! I tried Megan's when I was there and I'm obsessed!
I also have the best sister who brought us dinner and a mini birthday cake for me! I'm so lucky that even though I was totally feeling awful, I have amazing people around me who love me and tried to make my day special! 
Now time to get better so I can really Party!!

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