Easter Weekend!

Saturday we went to my parents for a BBQ, a easter egg hunt, and easter baskets! Every year my Dad hides our easter baskets out in the backyard, and it is never an easy task to find them. It was Mikey's first year and needless to say he was the last one to find his basket!! Here are a few photos of the night:

Chelsea showing off her collection of eggs

Brett was the 1st one to find his basket!
Dad at the BBQ... he is an amazing cook!

Sunday I really wanted to walk to church but with a 9 am sacrament meeting we ended up driving :( after church we headed over to the Ferguson's for easter dinner, an easter egg hunt, and even a treasure hunt!

Cousin Tate, Ryder, Ellie, and Ashton

Searching for our eggs

Finding the Treasure!

Then we were off to the Boyer's for desert with my family and the Fishbacks!

Me and Kristin
(we had no idea we were going to have matching easter outfits!)

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!


  1. Easter is always so fun! I am glad Mike was introduced to Dad's easter basket hiding!! It was so fun to see you on Sunday and your family all looked so adorable!

  2. Ashton is so striking! He needs to be on the front of Parenting magazine. They always have the most gorgeous kids with beautiful eyes. I'm totally serious. That kid is so cute!