{June} Summer Fun

We have been having a blast this month and checking a lot off our summer to do's!

Ashton had his 4 week tennis camp and He Loved It!! 

Jude started his gymnastics class and is totally rocking it!

Ashton passed his Level 4 swim lessons at the Rec

I found some time to go to the temple...
Most peaceful place on earth!

We are always trying to find an excuse to go out for ice cream, and the boys reading club at the library gave them coupons to Farr's. Yum!

I have the two best swimmers! And that is all that they ever want to do is swim, swim, swim!

We love being with Holly and her girls! We went to the Provo Rec to swim one day and then all met up at the food truck roundup after, where the girls danced with the band and we ate way too much! Then we ended the day at our house!

For our Activity Days Recognition Night we threw a little Luau at our house. The girls and their families loved it!

Harmony and Jaxon have been in town so of course we've been spending lots of time with them. He is such a smart handsome boy!

We love summer!

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