{Visiting Our Pediatrician}

Ashton had his 7 year well check up at the doctor this week.
43 pounds |11%| and 45 inches |10%|

We missed Judes 4 year well check so we combined appointments.
29 pounds |.82%| and 38 inches |2%|

These growing boys are both great eaters (except no greens for Ashton) and love to exercise! I always find them outside riding their bikes and running around. We love having running races to see who can get the fastest lap around the outside of our house. They also love charting their height on our growth chart and watching themselves grow. Legos and Hero Factory are still their favorites, and Lego Chima is their go to show. I'm so grateful for these two boys and all the love and joy they bring into my life!

Sadly we have been to the pediatricians office a lot lately.
Jude has had a rough start to summer with allergic reactions to mosquito bites, a hangnail that got super infected with strep and he ended up losing the nail, and catching Hand Foot and Mouth Disease...

Plus getting all his cavities filled! Sadly Jude got my gene of a tiny mouth, which causes major crowding and makes you highly prone to cavities.
Because of his age and the amount of work the Dentist had to do, he was put under at the surgery center. Jude was really nervous! I think because of all the doctor appointments and previous surgery center stays from when he was young, it just makes anything medical that much harder for him.
I was lucky that Mikey was able to take him since I was awfully sick. It is so hard watching him come out to the anesthesia. He does the most sad cry/scream for a good 10 minutes until he is fully awake.
He came home and just laid low all day. His cute Aunt Holly brought him a basket full of goodies {football, drink, bubbles} which just made his day!

Hoping the rest of the summer is better for my sweet jujubees!

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