My little Jude!

My sweet boy went in for his second set of ear tubes and a adenoidectomy a couple of weeks ago. 

He was such a sweet boy waiting in the waiting room before surgery! {Besides the fact that he had to fast.... he would ask me for a dink aka drink every 2.7 seconds and then go ask Mike. Just not fair for a 22 month old.}

After surgery they brought this screaming boy into us. It was so hard to know what to do ... the doctors said he just hadn't come all the way out of the anesthesia yet and this was causing the disorientation and sadness. It was so hard to watch, at least the last time we went through this Jude was nine months old and I was able to nurse him to calm him down.

July 2010 Ear Tubes
After about 30 minuets he was drinking and relaxing with his favorite pal Pooh Bear! He had a great and speedy recovery. Which included lots of smoothies and popsicles :)

 Thanks to our families for all the support 
and a great Big brother that loves his bro!


  1. Sad! I hope he is having a good recovery. And you too because that stuff is hard on moms!

  2. your new template is so cute! its so sad to see little guys being man handled by the medical people, but im glad everything went well! XOXO

  3. What a tough little boy! P.S. I'm glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find yours!