{Cabin Trip 2014}

These kids know exactly what goes on at the cabin...
1st on the agenda is get out the four-wheelers and ride circles around the property!


Then we head out to our favorite fishing spot, Mirror Lake!

If you have to go fishing, then you better go to the most beautiful location... It is so incredibly pretty here!

We added the Mammoth Caves to the list of fun this year!

Jude was ready to get out by the end. So as soon as he finally saw the light at the end he left us in the dark and darted to find his way out!

All the kids were so brave!

Jumping on the tramp keeps these kids busy all weekend long! I love all our silly made up games we play!

 Grandma Sue always has a cute craft for the kids, sends them on a bug hunt, has supplies for a garden fairy, and of course the Grand Treasure Hunt...

It was seriously the most beautiful, fun week with the best fam a gal could possibly marry into!
Oh I just love these kiddos!!

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