{Chelsea Turns 11}

Today we celebrated Chelsea turning ELEVEN!! She is one of my best friends and I couldn't imagine doing my nails or talking on the phone daily with anyone else. Chelsea girl I love you and wish today and everyday that the world will recognize your incredible gifts you have to share. You are one in a million and I love being your sister!! H A P P Y • B I R T H D A Y!!

Me and Mom started brainstorming party themes with her for her birthday, but she was so cute and knew exactly what she wanted to do. Go to Bajio for dinner and then bowling! And thats just what we did! Riverwoods made for such a fun night. They are the only Bajio location left and bowling at Provo Beach Resort was a blast!

It was late after bowling so we enjoyed her cake and presents on a grassy area.... until the sprinklers turned on!! lol! Then moved Chels right into the back of Dave's cadillac to blow out candles!

Happy 11th Birthday Baby Sister! We all love you! xoxo

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