{July} Summer Fun

I am loving summer and all the time I get to hang with my boys!! Here is some of the fun we're having...

The other day we rode bikes to Grandma and Papa's house and had a squirt bottle water fight! the boys loved drying up on the warm concrete!

Ashton went to his bff''s birthday party at Hang Time! And of course had a blast! I just love these two cuties together!

Bobbie threw the cutest little Luau for Kenny's and Tate's birthdays in our yard! The kids loved the slip and slides and Grandma's yummy pina colada! 

We love going swimming! We're always switching it up and going to different pools, depending on what the boys want to do. We decided to try out the Spanish Fork Reservoir this month and not sure if we'll be back... I mean the boys loved it, but the type of people and the awful sand won't be begging for me to come back.

I love finding coupons to go out to eat. There's something about the excitement of not cooking and  getting out of the house for dinner that I love! 

The boys have been so cute and creative with their sidewalk chalk this year! I love that it gets us outside and creating!

Oh sweet summer... I just never want you to end!

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