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Well, we said goodbye to these cute faces and left for the airport.

This is the first time we have left them for more than one night and I wanted to send them lots of pics so they could know what we were up to while we were away. Hence the 100 pics on my phone of us at the airport ;)

Mikey's pain was increasing a lot at the airport. His poor hips were just aching and causing him to walk like a 90 year old man. I kinda wish I had a video, It was a funny sight for me to see, but I also felt terrible especially through the flight when there wasn't any moving or adjusting room at all. He got the window seat and I got the middle seat next to a nice businessman.

When we finally landed in Cali and the same chauffeur was waiting for us that picked up Mikey when he came out for the physical a couple of weeks ago. DKMS actually did a really good job with all the travel arrangements and having the chauffeur made things run very smooth.
On our way to the hotel we drove past some missionaries and the beautiful San Diego temple. It made me want to make sure we get to come back soon! It is absolutely gorgeous here!

After getting all checked in at our pretty hotel we decided to go walk and see if we could find the beach. Walking seems to really help Mikey with all the pain in his joints...

But it ended up being a lot farther of a walk than we thought! We did luck out and make it in time to see the sunset! Which was breathtaking!

By the time we got back to the hotel it was pretty late and Mikey was just done. We debated about eating at the hotel restaurant or just ordering food to our room, but decided it was really our only chance to try the restaurant.

We were both starving and everything on the menu was really fancy and tiny portions... we were both pretty disappointed in our meals sadly and grabbed some treats on our way up to the room from the gift shop to help fill us up. 

Tomorrows the big day and we are off the bed... hoping Mikey can get some rest and our nerves will let us sleep.

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