{A Nerdy, Ninja, Ranger... Halloween!}

Oh how I love Halloween! Last night might as well of been Christmas eve at our house, the boys were too excited to sleep and I was up late doing last minute touches. I think today was everything the boys dreamed it would be!

The RED Ranger!

"Blue Shadow" Ninja

Mrs and Mr Nerd

The cutest Blue Ninja and Red Power Ranger!!

Fairy Brynlee

Fairy Addison

Holly's cute fairies and her as the fairy catcher!

Sea Princess Chelsea

My cute sister in law Megan went all out for our Halloween dinner!

 These two are the best of friends and to see them being twins tonight was just too much fun! The only way to tell them apart was by checking their eye color.

Partners in Power Ranger crime!

 Thanks to all our families for making it the best!

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