{Ski Day}

For Christmas this year my parents gave us ski passes to Sundance. We had been waiting to use them till it was a little warmer (so we could take the boys since they are still free) and Mikey had a break in school. So this week being his spring break it was perfect. My mom kept the boys that morning so Mikey and I could spend half a day together then she brought them up to do the other half. It couldn't of been a more pretty day!

Okay, I had to post the selfie pic because it was the last pic i took before I lost my phone on the mountain!! I was texting Mikey who had left something at home and ran back to get it, when my lift stop came up and so I hurried and put my phone in my pocket and thought I'll just zip it when I get off... I totally got distracted and never zipped it. I didn't even notice is was gone until I finished my run. Luckily when my smart hubby got back he thought to track it and we were able to find it... unbroken under the lift! Kinda a bummer we spent most the morning looking for my phone, but I still loved being with him!

When my mom dropped the boys off they were ready to go, go, go!

This was Ashton's second season. He loves skiing and I loved seeing this boy in his element. I can't believe how good and fearless Ashton is on the slopes. He took every run and never hesitated for a second. I would even be nervous for a sec looking down a hill and he would fly by me!!

This was Jude's first time skiing! The boy has dreamed of this day for a year and has talked about it since the first snow storm this season. When I was putting away the christmas decor this year he was so worried that meant winter was over and he couldn't go skiing. Well, finally yesterday was his day! The first thing he said when he got off the lift was "I wanna go by myself" and he did for some of it! It was so fun to be able to ski with my little man for his first time! That is for sure something i'll never forget.

Ashton had the gopro on his helmet and it was so funny to hear what he was saying "The faster you go the funner it is... THIS IS AWESOME!... Body don't fail me now" haha!

I loved spending time on the mountain with these three ski bums! 

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