Big update!

I'm sad that I always seem to get way behind on blogging :(  but being a mom of two has really changed my world especially now that my baby jude is a busy boy!

First update- I have a new neice! Ellie Darlene was born in February. She is such a doll

Brand New!

Meeting the little angel!

A more recent picture!

My best friend got married to the love of her life on Mach 12! It was so fun to have her up here for a full two weeks before the wedding! We had a blast staying up late, going to gown fittings, and doing all the other last minuet wedding plans! We threw her a bachelortte party at Sparks two nights before the wedding and what a fun crazy night that was. The wedding was incredible! Everything came together just perfect!

Arriving at Sparks! Ha ha!

It was a great night but most pics I don't want on my blog! Ha ha!

Wedding Day!

The Bridal Party!

Hansom Guys!

Lovely ladies!

The Glamorous Bride!

Next was St Patty's day! We had a fun dinner at my sister Kristins house!

The cute kiddo's!

 My beautiful Grandma Boyer Passed away in march
 When I went to visit her the Friday before she passed I wasn't sure what to expect, but she was still my beautiful grandma. I walked in and she was laying on the coach with Cindy, when she noticed I was there she sat up and opened her eyes and begin to tell me how gorgeous I looked. I could help the tears from swelling up in my eyes. I knelt by her side and explained I was all dressed up because I was on my way to the temple with my friend for her endowment. She asked me which Temple and when I said Provo she laid down and nodded beautiful. She always had a way of making me feel beautiful and special. I love you Grandma!!!! What an incredible life you lived!!!

Grandma with Ashton and Jude in 2010

My dad with his siblings

 Love you forever!

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