Bae Jude is ONE!!!

November 17 2009 4:20pm  5 lbs 1 oz 16 1/2 inches

 Happy Birthday to our baby jude or bea dude as Ashton says!

I thought it would be fun to post some old pictures of your first year since there isn't any on the blog!

We all love you sooo much! You bring so much joy and laughter to our house. 

I was so surprised how early you came {11 days}
but having you in my arms is all I wanted
Staying warm at the hospital!!
First time Ashton met you!

Last Christmas you weren't that much bigger then many of your presents.

Sleeping is what you loved most! {even more then eating most the time}

Dad and brother showing you some love!

Getting strong and so big!
You were getting so big and your hair was going RED!
Your blessing day!
One of the many sad days after a long doctors visit and more blood drawn :(
Playing with toys!
You loved your bumbo!
Enjoying aunt Chelsea and Papa!
First trip to Enterprise

Right after you got your ear tubes in

California! Ruby's Pier!
Park time fun!
First Airplane ride!

You still love tubes!

 I know picture overload, but pour guy never did get on the blog when he first arrived!

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  1. Amber! I love your little guys sooo much-they are just soo cute!..and yes i remember the week we spent at disneyworld-best trip ever! I miss those days!